jinke machinery eqipment co.,ltd. is adomestic backbone R&D enterprise, which pro-vides water treatment andpacking industry, esp. in drinking water bottling project and various liquid ...
FoshanJinke Machinery Equipment
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Water treatment system
Five gallon filling line
Small PET bottle  filling line filling line
5L-15L large bottle filling line
Glass bottle filling line
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Tailored to provide you with a complete turnkey solution
JInKe expertise in liquid packaging ensures a perfect combination of process design and complete line engineering. Established a process design system for different liquid packaging fields such as beverages, dairy products, wines, condiments and daily chemicals.
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After more than a month of careful design, Foshan Jinke mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. successfully opened its website! ...


Foshan Jinke Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a domestic professional R & D, manufacturing mineral water, purified w...

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